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It is not used in candy corn because it is phytotoxic. It is not recommended by us to use it in corn fields planted for seed production.

For the best results, Tarot® should be used in the early growth stages of weeds (2-4 leaves or 5-10 cm diameter or height). Corn should be at the stage of 1-8 true leaves, phytotoxicity can be seen in applications in the later stages of corn. For best results, there should be no precipitation for 4 hours after spraying.

Tarot® should not be used in sweet corn and seed production cultivation (on parent lines).

Tarot® should not be applied in fields where systemic organophosphorus insecticides are used during corn sowing or interrow tillage.

If the foliar application of an organophosphorus insecticide is applied to corn, Tarot® should not be used within 7 days.

These organic insecticides should not be applied within 4 days of using Tarot® in corn.

High air temperature may cause a temporary phytotoxicity in some sensitive maize varieties. For this reason, it is recommended to spray in the evening.


Culture Plant


Usage Dose


Kanyaş (Sorghum halepense)

Darıcan (Echinocloa crus-galli)

Kirpi Darı (Setaria sp.)

Horozibiği (Amaranthus retroflexus)

Yabani Jüt (Chorcorus olitorius)

Yabani Fiğ (Vicia sp.)

Yer Fesleğeni (Mercurialis annua)

5 g/da +Trend®90**

25 cc/da

** Tarot® must be used with TREND® 90 supplied with it. The dose of TREND® 90 is 25 cc per decare.