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Lontrel Extra; It is a canola safe herbicide used after emergence against weeds in canola, controlling many important weeds such as chamomile, sticky weed, gengel (maroon thistle) and poppy.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient: 240 g/l Clopyralid + 80 g/l Picloram | + 40 g/l Aminopyralid
  • Formulations : SL (Water-soluble concentrate)
  • Packaging : 1 L


It is used during the 2-4 leaf stage of the canola in autumn or when growth resumes immediately after the dormant period in the spring.
In order to obtain good results, care should be taken that the air temperature is above 10 °C during the application.
If used when weeds are covered by canola, the desired effect is not obtained and is not recommended.
Cultivated plants and weeds drought cold etc. For reasons, the application should not be made under stressed conditions, it should be waited until the stress conditions disappear.