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Safe Way of Pest Control

Spintor® 240 SC, whose active ingredient is a spinosad fermentation product, is an effective solution against pests such as flower thrips, cluster moth and tomato moth. As a broad spectrum plant protection product, Spintor® 240 SC acts on the nervous system of the target pest through the stomach and contact and immediately stops its feeding.

Spintor® 240 SC is a solution obtained naturally from the soil-borne actinomycete bacteria Saccharopolyspora spinosa and affects the target pest in a short time.


In order to obtain the best results from Spintor® 240 SC, the application dose specified on the label must be followed. In the fight against the cluster moth in the vineyard, the application time is determined according to the estimation warning system. The best time to combat flower thrips in pepper and cucumber is determined by the number of thrips per leaf. The struggle is started when 10 thrips are seen in small-leaved plants and 20 thrips in large-leaved plants. If 3 out of 100 plants are infected with any biological period of the pest, the struggle should be started against the tomato moth.