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About Us

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    Antilsan A.S.

    29.04.1991 in the year Antilsan A.Ş. was established.
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    Corteva Agriscience

    Since 1991, Dow AgroSciences continues to be the distributor of Corteva Agriscience, now known as Corteva.
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    Biobest Antalya A.S.

    In 1997, Biobest NV Belgium, which is the developer of biological pollination and one of the leading companies in biological control, and Antilsan A.Ş. in partnership with Biobest Antalya Ltd.Şti. firm was established. Until 2015, Antilsan A.Ş. in charge of the sale of products. In 2015, all sales activities were carried out by Biobest Antalya A.Ş. It was transferred to ‘ Antilsan A.S. 's capital and management partnership continues.
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    Antilsan Seedling Ltd. Sti.

    Antilsan Fide Ltd. Ltd. Sti. was established in the town of Abdurrahmanlar, in the Serik district of Antalya, in order to respond to the growing demand for seedlings with the development of greenhouse vegetables and started production. In 2013, Antilsan Fide was transferred to another company by deciding to focus on different investments.
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    BKS Biological Protection Systems

    BKS Biological Protection Systems Ltd.Şti., which produces sticky traps and imports pheromones within the scope of biotechnical control. firm, Antilsan A.Ş. was established in partnership. In 2018, Antilsan A.Ş. , BKS Co.Ltd. transferred the company to the German IVOC Gmbh company.
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    Salep ARGE Study

    Prolifera Salep production R&D studies in 2019,
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    Oro Agri Internatıonal Ltd

    Antilsan A.S. Oro Agri International Ltd. It is in the position of Turkey importer of Wetcit Neo and Transformer products belonging to its company.
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    Greenhouse Banana and Avocado Orchard

    We are growing every day for our target in our investments such as greenhouse banana production and avocado production.
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    Antilsan A.S. It has undertaken the Turkey distributorship of Stopmate, a Sumiagro product.
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    Fertilizer Production

    Factory investment decision was taken for fertilizer production in 2021. With our team that has professional experience and knowledge in the field, Antilsan A.Ş. as, we have started our production activities as of 2021, and we have gained a great momentum in the domestic market with our domestic products. Now we want to promote and deliver these special products abroad. These are our products;

    In very cold and hot periods, it increases flower formation, flower set, fruit set, fruit quality. FLOWERBEST ,

    PRXMA , increases the formation of healthy and well developed root structure.

    FLOWBEST , encourages fertilization, flowering and fruit set, supports the plant's resistance to cold stress.

    BALANCE INDICATOR , allows to get the best results from pesticides by adjusting the PH of the spraying water in the range of 5.5-6.5.

    FERTİBEST 18-18-18+ME, FERTİBEST 16-8-24+ME , FERTİBEST 15-30-15+ME N-P-K fertilizers are produced from high quality raw materials. NPK and microelements are easily absorbed by the plant thanks to the enzymes in the content.


Antilsan Antalya A.S. We are among the leading companies in the agricultural sector in our geography with the experience we have accumulated since 1991. We are import, export and manufacturer of agricultural products such as pesticides, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, traps and pheromones.

We work in cooperation with international companies such as Biobest Antalya, a subsidiary of Antilsan, operating in the production of beneficial insects and bees, Corteva Agriciense, which we distribute, BKS Biological Protection Systems, Sumiagro and Oro Agri. We support our manufacturers both in product supply and technical information.

By supporting sustainable agriculture, we provide services by prioritizing food safety, human and environmental health.

We have also started our production activities as of 2021, and we have gained a great momentum in the domestic market with our domestic products. Our next job will be to promote and deliver these special products abroad.